good things take time.

After trying every brand of natural deodorant on the market and finding that it didn’t last or was ineffective, I finally decided to make one myself. It worked!


Even after hard exercise, I still smelt good. A friend asked me to make her a deodorant and it was then that she said ”I think you’ve got something here” Ha! I had always wanted my own business and here it was right under my nose. I was sure it would be up and running in 3 months time...well....5 years later it was. Initially, I trialled some plastic containers and found that it worked well, so I bought 5000. A test batch was made and the beeswax would stick hard and fast to the containers - they were deemed useless. This was no good and those containers had to be sold.

I trialled all suitable plastic containers on the market and found the same problem presented itself. Time to call in the experts and get one designed. This turned out to be a Blessing in disguise. After a few failed attempts at different designs and finding that the first company I used had let me down, it was deemed that a cardboard push up was the only way to go. I was pleased to be using cardboard over plastic, as it fitted more with my values. It took 4 years in total to develop the container.

Another issue was the beeswax needed to be more consistent. In the cold it gets extremely hard and in the heat it melts. A few other natural ingredients were added to make it more consistent and spreadable. This also took time, as every alteration required a test sample at the lab, and due to their popularity, the wait time could be up to 6 weeks.

For me, this has been more a journey of personal growth. I have faced situations that have made me extremely uncomfortable and have had times when I sincerely wondered if my limited finances were going to be enough. The one thing that never waivered was my dream .... My dream of showing the world that you can have a successful ethical business without being greedy and that by helping people, being grounded, appreciative, kind and loving is not a negative but how the world and business should run.

Carol Smythe